You have stumbled upon our first bog post! I haven't much to say other than to tell you a little about us. 

We are Courtney Lee Miener and Samuele Vincenzo Baiamonte. I am Courtney, and I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. Sam, on the other hand, was born in Wisconsin, but grew up in Rome, Italy until he was about age 4. After that, he spent school years with his family in the United States and summers with his family in Sicily. 

Sam and I met in college. We were both studying film production, and I was minoring in French, as well. Despite knowing who each other were and wanting to be close, we were both fairly shy, which left us simply to being crew members together on student film sets for a while. On those sets, though, we interacted more and more. Eventually sharing phone numbers so that I could edit my own version of some behind-the-scenes videos he was doing for the films. Eventually we had our first date- watching a movie at his house where he lived with his sister Gabi and her partner Sean. His dad was in town from Sicily at the time and came over for dinner with Sam's sister Chiara. Needless to say, I met most of his immediate family that night. About a month into dating, I left to study abroad in Geneva, Switzerland. Our relationship during those 4 months away truly only grew stronger. While away, I knew that I loved him. A lot has happened since. Over five years have passed, and we are now engaged to be married in October of this year! Of course, there is much more to our story, as every relationship intricacies of its own, but this could be an incredibly long blog post, and I'd like to keep it simple for now. So, how about this?

Some things we love:

  • cinema
  • Criterion
  • coffee- I don't think this is unique by any means, but I worked in coffee and I really do love it. 
  • cats- we have two of them (Juniper and Jiro)
  • Chef's Table
  • Union Loafer's pizza
  • Sicilia
  • blood oranges
  • Ought and Jens Lekman
  • Japanese food
  • I love sour beers. Sam loves IPA's
  • the Office (why did I put this so low on the list?)
  • We both really like plants and are learning to live with them (aka keep them alive)
  • I personally love German Shepherds and rabbits, but have never had either as a pet.
  • croquette
  • gelato and frozen custard
  • ceramics
  • pasta
  • Anthropology- I loved studying it a bit in school.
  • Sam loves Tarkovsky

Anyway, I've made us sound obnoxious enough. Thank you so much for exploring our work and I hope to talk with you soon! Tell us about you and your love!

best, Courtney